Hollywood Studios Fastpass Choice

Best use of FP at Hollywood Studios?

Our first trip to Disney World is coming up this October woohoo! I’m in charge of planning for our group of 8 (5 adults, 3 girls aged 4-10).

We are going to book Slinky Dog Dash and Frozen Singalong celebration as our first two FPs.

Which do you think would be most beneficial for our third FP?

  • Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage
  • Indiana Jones Spectacular or
  • Fantasmic

Thank you so much for your tips!

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I’d go with Fantasmic.

Going in October, getting into the shows isn’t generally a problem unless you arrive just before the show is about to start. So, the others I think you’ll have a good chance to get into if you arrive earlier enough.

Fantasmic might be something worth not having to worry about, however, since you can’t “do it later” if the fill up.

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I would definitely not do Fantasmic - in my experience (admittedly only once) you have to arrive at the same time with or without a fastpass for Fantasmic, you’re not guaranteed a seat even if you have one, and the non-FPP side of the theatre is much much closer to the exit. We FPP’d Fantasmic and I’d never do it again.

I don’t think you really need a FPP for any of your options, I’d just pick the one you’d most like to see. The Little Mermaid theatre is pretty small, so maybe go with that one.


Good points.

And actually, I want to amend my answer anyhow. I’d pick whatever you can get the EARLIEST FP for. That way, after you use your three FPPs, you can start trying for same-day FPs. I realized after I made my suggestion that getting a FP for Fantasmic means no way to get a same-day FP. And, you very likely can score a same-day Fantasmic if you wanted one later in the day anyhow.

So ignore my previous post! :wink:

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I would choose any of them except for Fantasmic so that you can get a 4th and later FP.


I would go with the Little Mermaid for two reasons. Theater is smaller, and the show begins running at (I think) 9:30am. Indy, as a for instance, doesn’t start showings until noon… thus delaying when you can start acquiring additional FPs.


Here’s a different opinion.

I’m choosing Toy Story Mania, Frozen and Fantasmic for my trip in Oct. BATB and Indi won’t need a FPP. The Frozen FFP just guarantees you a seat. Little Mermaid - ehh… questionable, but I know DD & DH saw it without a significant wait a couple years ago.

Because my touring plan doesn’t start until after lunch for HS, I won’t have much opportunity to grab additional FPPs, so I’m confident with my decision. I’m also avoiding SWGE completely. And we don’t wish to do ASSaucers or SDD this time around. For me, it really came down to process of elimination. We skipped F! last time and definitely want to see it this time.

Have you done a touring plan? That might help you decide which show to choose.

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I don’t mean to belabour the point, but just in case, have you done Fantasmic before in the past? If you have, skip the rest of this post and go about your day, but if you haven’t, the theatre is divided up into three sections - Fastpass holders on the left, dinner packages etc. in the middle, and stand by on the right. When we went we arrived 30 minutes before showtime and both the fastpass and standby sections were approximately the same amount of full - that is to say that had we not had a fastpass, we would have gotten basically the same seats, only on the right side of the amphitheatre. The real difference was at the end when 7000 people all tried to leave the place at the same time by way of a single exit on the far right of the amphitheatre - we were packed shoulder to shoulder so tightly that you could barely move for at least 20 minutes. So having a fastpass a) doesn’t guarantee you a seat, b) doesn’t allow you to arrive later than you would have to if you didn’t have a fastpass, and c) slows you down considerably when you’re trying to leave - I actually believe that a fastpass for Fantasmic is worse than not having one.

Sorry, I’m a bit fanatical about this because I’m not a huge fan of crowds and trying to get out of Fantasmic was a completely miserable experience.

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I have seen F! many times and I’ve done it each way at least once (standby, F!, dining package).

I have never not found a seat for this show.

Yes, it’s a lot of people leaving the theatre at once, just like the swarms of people leaving MK after HEA and EP after Illuminations. Just keep swimming :slight_smile: You’ll get where you want to be eventually.

I have been known in the past to step aside and wait out droves of people, especially when DD was much smaller.

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We are big fans of the Fantasmic dining package. The seating area is in the middle, so great seats, and I feel like it gives you more wiggle room with arrival time. Last week we had the Mama Melrose’s package and were almost certain they were going to cancel Fantasmic due to lightning in the area so we delayed heading that way, then decided to go check 10 minutes before the show and still got great seats in the Dining package section. The show went on with distant lightning adding to the effects. Also allows you to save a FastPass for something else and try to get additional ones.


Fantasmic is a pretty big theater, but it can’t hold everyone in the park. Since it’s the only showing, it will fill up, but if you get there around 30-45 minutes beforehand you should be able to get a seat. This is one you shouldn’t need a fastpass for.

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Thank you for the extra info- it’s much appreciated! No we haven’t seen it before- it will be our first time in Disney World- visiting from Australia on the trip of a lifetime! Can’t wait!!

Thanks so much everyone! Excellent advice! I think we’ll line up with the non fast passers 30-45 before Fantasmic and try to score extra FPs on the day- thank you!