Hollywood studios EMM and Jedi Academy?

Does anyone know how the new early morning magic at HS impacts Jedi academy sign ups?

We’re planning on going to HS on 9/12 and I just found out that they’ve added EMM for that morning. We have an 8:10 PPO at Hollywood & Vine which I thought would help with Jedi sign ups but now I’m not so sure. Jedi Academy is our top priority with a Star Wars obsessed 6 year old son (and husband…haha) and we weren’t planning on spending the whole day there so, we really want an earlier time for JA. Ugh. Thanks!

It really depends on how popular EMM is gonna be. There will definitely be more (50? 100?) ppl in the park that morning comparing to a day without EMM. Previously ppl with early ADR would be let in at 7:55am. I think you definitely will get a spot for JTA, just a matter of which showing.