Hollywood Studios 'Dead Ends'

I keep hearing about HS dead ends. Where are they? I am finishing up PTP before FPP selections tomorrow and do not want to do too much backtracking. I have these questions:
1. can you go from the studio backlot tour to honey i shrunk the kids easily? (there looks like studio catering co building is there- can this be cut through?) Or do you have to walk all the way back down and around the GMR?
2. What other dead ends am i missing?


I'm so bad at HS and the layout. Always frustrates me. I think that the dead end at RnR and ToT gets very tiresome! And it's a walk with zero shade

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hard to cut through Studio Catering, due to the guardrails. You pretty much have to go around it.

ToT and RnRC are both dead ends. I think you could call the Animation Plaza also a Dead End.

Thanks! So if I have this correct, if I am at Studio backlot tour and want to go to LMA, I need to go past TSMM, go in from of entrance to GMR where the hat is, then go back up?

No...you shouldn't have to go all the way back to the front of the park. The Streets of America connect back there. It shouldn't be a far walk.

No no no. Backlot Tour and LMA are right next to each other. Just walk over there. (green arrows) What you asked before is if you could cut through Studio Catering Co to get from Backlot Tour to HISTK. (red arrows) That's what you can't do, just because the restaurant is in the way. You just have to go around it. (blue arrows)

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Awesome thanks! It was hard to tell on the maps if there was a way to cut through back there.

I understand, and see where you're coming from on that map, if you've never been. But that area where the green and blue arrows go through is just an overhang, it's not really a "building" in my mind. So you're not cutting through, you're just walking along the street.

That is so awesome to know -- I had been wondering something similar about that roof on the map, so confusing. So in my version of this problem, if I am at TSMM and Frozen Funland, and want to get to the HISTK playground, on the map it is unclear -- can I walk under a roof too to go there easily, and don't have to backtrack and loop around?

And by the way, AWESOME map, thank you! Once again, "here he comes to save the day! Mr Itty's on his way!"

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Yes, you're just starting from farther north on that map than where the green arrows start.

Great! Thank you so much!!!

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Nice map/s!

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