Hollywood studios crowds at 8 on 2/1?

We are visiting disney world 1/30-2/6. I want to visit hs on 2/1 but the crowds are predicted at 8. There are no emh at that park that day and the other parks are at a 4. So I’m wondering if this could be accurate? I want to visit hs that day so I can avoid emh at ak, as it seems the crowds would be higher then. But even with emh, ak is predicted at a 4 that day? I’m confused :laughing:

There have been multiple reports that the crowd calendars will be updated in the next couple of weeks. Why don’t you look again in a few weeks and see if it has been adjusted. It could be that all the other parks should be higher!

what @PrincipalTinker said. Also, with so many attractions closed, it has been affecting wait times. And when you are there, Soarin will be closed at EPCOT. My thoughts are that with the two parks in close proximity, there are now less options to spread the wait times between the two.

But that’s just my guess. :smile:

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@Wenmoo We will be there 2/1-2/11 and noticed several of those days DHS has a high crowd predicted. I was wondering if it was because of the Cheerleading Championship that is going to be going on around that time? It may be the closest park to where they are doing their routines? Because all the other parks seem pretty good, its just DHS. But @PrincipalTinker and @DarthDopey are right, they are going to be adjusting crowd calendars so we shall see what happens!

Crossing fingers it doesn’t go up too much. But oh well, we’ll be in Disney World!!