Hollywood studios after hours event

HI everyone. We are taking a trip to Universal March 7-11 and I just saw that HWS is offering afterhours during our stay. Debating buying tix and going ( family of 5 so it wont be cheap) . Anyone have any insight, is it worth it? Wondering mostly if the waits are really walk on and if the majority of rides are open. Thanks!

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In the past it has been worth it for the low crowds and getting to ride your favourites multiple times. But yes as you’ve mentioned it would be expensive for 5 people!

I was also looking at this. It is just 3 hours though and it’s cheaper to pay for the whole day. That’s what the sensible part of me says. The fun part says TSM and Rise over and over- low to no waits for 3 hours! Plus treats! Do it!