Hollywood Studios advice for February 28, 2020

Hi there,

I’m looking for advice for rope drop rides or ride order for Feb. 28th, 2020. Our priority is SWGE, Toystory land, and big fingers crossed for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. We also love RnR, ToT, toddler love Frozen, and we’ve never seen little mermaid show. When I read the reviews for the newer attractions, all state to ride first or second thing in the morning. I just can’t fit all of the above in first thing :wink: and there is my dilemna. We’ll have 60 day mark to make fpp so I’ve got time. However, I was thinking of booking 50’s diner since we’ve never been there and I’m behind in ADR booking. But knowing the new rides may make schedule hard to predict, I’m wondering if I should save 50s diner for next trip in a couple years to stay flexible with quick service. I don’t want to have to pay dining reservation deposit because we couldn’t show if we finally got into swge.

Any recommendations on where to start first?
Is it straight to SWGE or will everyone go there? If Mickey’s train is open how would that effect touring plan?

Here’s my touring plan so far…I just did custom and dropped in attractions, not a lot of editing yet.

I know there are a lot of unknowns and I might be asking for educated guessing. Just hoping someone who is in the parks more than I and has their ear to the ground might have some opinions.

DH has Orlando convention so this is an extra trip we weren’t expecting so very excited!

I’ve got good news & bad news… The bad news is MMRR will definitely not be open in February. The earliest predictions for this are “Spring 2020”. In Corporate Disney speak that’s not before April.

So… good news you can make your plans based on what will be available after RotR opens.

Might as well make the ADR you want, and decide about that much closer to trip time. There will be way more data by then about wait times for SWGE to make planning easier. :slight_smile: