Hollywood Studio crowd level

Planning a trip this weekend. I was at HS in May and the crowd level was a 2-3 but it felt like a 10. Just wondering if anyone has been lately with the reopening of a few more attractions/shows and a crowd level of 2. Is the park still crazy crowded? Not doing Star Wars but do want to do Toy Story land and Mickey Minnie railroad.

I just read some on the ground-real time reports on TP’s WDW Chat and people are reporting very crowded walkways, etc. Hopefully the IJ show will relieve some of that feeling.


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Do we know when IJ is coming back?

We have done May pre pandemic and was at HS Sunday night and Monday morning. It was definitely more crowded than May. Mornings and evenings are your friends for wait times. Afternoons are much worse. We did MMRR in the evening and waited less than 30 minutes. We are rope dropping SDD on Friday.