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I’m going to Hollywood Studios on a day it is projected not to be very crowded. The waits for the Fastpass B attractions seem rather small. Has anyone only selected one FastPass A attraction (Toy Story) in the morning and then tried to get a second FastPass A after using the first, rather than booking 3 FastPasses and not being able to get a new one at the park until lunchtime? Did it work? Any downsides??

Check out this post. It will basically answer your question.

To summarize- if you want to book another tier 1 attraction in another park after using just one- you can. If you only use one FP on a tier 1 attraction you must use the tier 2 (or let them expire?) before booking another tier 1.

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There is some debate about the expire part but @marciemiwi was going to test it out again and report back. She was reporting a different experience than the TP testers did.

I’ll try it again Saturday and try to make notes how I did it if it works. Thanks for the tag!


Thanks for this good data - it answers my question. Happy Disney Days all!!

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@AuntB_luvsDisney - now that I actually have a computer with internet, I did want to link you to my post on the DIS about the last time I checked & reported on it. I’ll see if the same thing happens tomorrow: http://www.disboards.com/threads/fastpass-frequently-asked-questions.3491680/page-26#post-55852090

Will let you guys know tomorrow! Just hope Frozen is actually working. :slight_smile:


Okay, I again tested letting 2 Tier 2 FPP’s just expire (at Epcot), then using the Tier 1. I did it for 2 different people in my party (each with different Tier 2’s) and for both of them I was able to immediately book another Tier 1 as soon as I had used the first Tier 1 – since I was past the window of my Tier 2’s. I didn’t do a super job taking all the right pics but I’ll do my best to show how it worked for me:

This is what I had first off for “Penny” (ignore the The Seas FPP which was for someone else).
10:30 Pixar (Tier 2)
1:05 Turtle Talk (Tier 2)
2:05 Frozen Ever After (Tier 1)

After riding Frozen, I attempted to make a new Tier 1.

At this point both Tier 2’s still showed if I clicked into them and gave me the option of making the change to another Tier 2:

However, I just used the big “+” symbol on the bottom of MDE to bring up the menu choices and chose the FP option. It then took me to this screen and showed me some people for eligible for another FPP:

I chose “Penny” as the person to change, selected today’s date and Epcot as the park:

It then told me I could only plan 1 Tier 1 per day, but still showed me all the available Tier 1’s, as well as the times they were available:

I selected Soarin’ at 7:40 and clicked on it and got this screen:

And received the confirmation:

It immediately showed up back in my FPP’s:

At this point the Tier 2’s were still there. But when I went into one and tried to change it to a different Tier 2/time, I got this error message:

After refreshing the FPP’s again and going back to the main screen and then back into the FPP screen, the Tier 2’s had disappeared (all those shown were for another person but the original Pixar and Turtle Talk ones were gone):

I had also tested it for myself and changed mine to The Land (was surprised the Soarin’ was available for this one!). Since we were on the tram to leave by this point I just then went in and deleted all of them.

This is the 4th time I’ve tested this and I think the relevant part is that you’re booking new FPP’s after using the Tier 1 (after the time windows of the Tier 2’s) via the + symbol, not trying to “modify” one of the existing Tier 2’s. I can try one more time tomorrow but I’m confident I’ll get the same results. :slight_smile:


Thank you! This is exactly the info I needed. Perfect. Seems that if we stay in the same park all
day, we can only get a second Tier 1 after either 2 X Tier 2 were used OR expired and the first Tier 1 was used. For example, say I want to FPP Soarin and Frozen. I can preselect a Frozen FPP at say 11am, some Tier 2 at 9am and some Tier 2 at 10am. I can let the 9 and 10am Tier 2s expire (not redeem them at all) as I enjoy the lower rope drop crowds, redeem my 11am Frozen preselected FPP and- as I’m waiting in line to go on Frozen- get my Soarin FPP (assuming availability of course). This is my quickest route to a same park, second Tier 1, correct?

If we plan to hop to a tiered park, we can use the one preselected FPP in the first park (tiered or not) and get a Tier 1 in the second park immediately after the first FPP is redeemed. For example, If I preselect Frozen in Epcot (NO other FPPs preselected) and use that FPP; I can then get a same day Toy Story at DHS.

In summary, if I park hop, it’s better to preselect the lower possible number of FPPs (from 1 to 3) in the morning park and at the earliest possible time so that I can get the maximum number of same day headliner FPP (from 2 to 3 in a non-tiered park or 1 additional Tier 1) in the afternoon park.

The strategy is different if I spend the whole day in a tiered park: here I’d want to book all the FPP as early as possible (and use them or let them expire) if my goal is to get another same day tier 1 FPP

Thanks in advance!

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Anyone ever tried to cancel the unwanted Tier 2s instead of letting them expire?

That worked before the new MDE roll out in April 2016 (?)—might be off a bit in the date. But now that loophole is closed

Hi @Sam2071. Last summer we were both involved in a discussion about trying to get more than 1 Tier 1 FP in Epcot by booking the Tier 2’s early and letting them expire. How did this work out for you? If you were successful, what did you do differently from Seth and @SteveBloom If I remember correctly, their experience was that expired FP windows are not recognized by the system as used FP’s.

Hey. No change. The initial 3 need to be used or expire before a 4th can be had. But, in Epcot, you only really need one Tier 1: Frozen. You can then rope drop Soarin and single rider Test Track.

Or, can a friend loan you their Magic Band? You can get 3 same day fast passes with it in addition to the 3 you’ll have ahead of time.

The important difference is the ORDER you schedule your FPP. The tier 2 must be prior to the tier 1. If they are after the tier 1, the system will want you to reschedule the tier 2 instead of opening your option for a 2nd tier 1.

AuntB - I’ve tested it in the meantime and been able to do it with the Tier 1 in the middle. I can’t put all the info here, but you can find it on the DIS starting with this post and then the next one: https://www.disboards.com/threads/fp-faq-addendum-checking-availability-park-hopping-additional-tier-1-booking-fps-for-long-stays.3538258/page-4#post-57206220