Hollywood and Vine

Hi There!

I know that a PPO Hollywood and Vine reservation is not an advantage for beating rope drop crowds but my DD really wants to eat with the Disney Jr. characters! I DO NOT want to miss rope dropping one of the headliners (possibly SDD if DD hits the 38in mark, otherwise it will be one of the SW rides) so my question is, if we are out the door by 8:50 am will this reservation hurt us or will it be a wash?

*We will be going in late April with a predicted CL of 3 currently.

Thanks in advance!

If rope dropping is your priority, instead of a PPO you could get a later morning breakfast ADR. Then you are not watching the clock while your DD is enjoying the characters.


We did a 10:05 ADR at Hollywood & Vine so we could have the morning at TSL. My kids loved meeting the characters but just a warning … the food was terrible. None of us are much.

Really? The PPO ADR at Hollywood & Vine does not offer any benefit to rope dropping MFSR???
(I am assuming 9am park opening with an 8am reservation)

It seems like you are a good 50 yards closer to the land than the people at the front of the RD crowd.