Hollywood and Vine PPO, how early do they let you into the park?

We have a 8:05am reservation at Hollywood and Vine on a 9am park opening day. How early will we be let in to HS to get to Hollywood and Vine? Are we escorted, or can we linger a bit for some crowd free photos? Will any photo pass photographers be available that early?

After breakfast, assuming we finish by 9am, will we be ahead of the RD crowd or will we be exiting the restaurant to where the Rd crowd is located?

When we went this past June we were let in around 7:55. There were no photographers, but we were able to get to Jedi training sign up and then to the breakfast by a couple of minutes past 8.We were not allowed to enter the rest of the park early upon completion of our breakfast, though, and had to wait with the rope drop crowd.