Hollywood and Vine lunch menu

I am trying to find out what is on the regular lunch buffet at Hollywood and Vine. There only seems to be descriptions fo special lunches etc. I have one child with sensory issues that affect his ability to eat certain textures and sometimes buffets are difficult. Can anyone help me out?

The issue is I believe it changes all the time so looking on wdwinfo, touringplans, allears, and other sites gives you a general idea but it’s probably impossible to tell cause it changes. You might have to call the restaurant.

We were there a few weeks ago and the buffet was very big. So I’m guessing you can find something he will like. How old is he? There is a kids area and I recall they had decent selections for kids. Both sides of the “adult” lines were the same but the two lower kids areas had different things. (Standard kid stuff like nuggets, pizza, hot dog, fries, pasta, etc.)

Otherwise you can probably give a call - I saw managers consulting with families in various restaurants regarding allergies, etc. so I’m sure they have answered similar questions to yours as well!

There are lots of choices, you’d have to be very picky not to find something they liked.