Hollywood and Vine and Jedi Training Academy

So does anyone know if the – signing up b4 breakfast has happened again!! I would love to get that outa the way:-)). We have 8am breakfast.

Did it work ?

It worked for us, in the summer, late June. They had tables all set up for the VIPs and breakfast folks.

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Worked for us too! We were just there on August 23. We signed up (got the first 10:10 am slot), had breakfast, and made it to our first ride by 9 am.

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Same here. Was at DHS on August 9th. Got the the park at 7:40am. The gate opened at 7:50am. Went straight to signup JTA. Got the first show. Then went to H&V for breakfast. MY ADR was originally at 8:30am. Since we got there sooooo early, I just changed my ADR to 8:10am when I arrived at DHS. But the check-in CM at the gate still had my 8:30am ADR and let me wait in the line with others. So I guess if I didn’t change my ADR, I would be let in anyways. When I check-in at H&V, the CM too had my res at 8:30am but sat me early at 8:10am. H&V was very empty that morning. Saw all 4 characters within 30 minutes. Got out of the restaurant at 9am.

BTW, it was raining that morning when we were there. So I asked the CM at JTA signup if an indoor M&G would be held if the show were canceled due to the weather. CM replied “the M&G is not guaranteed in the event that the show is cancelled due to weather”. Hum… anyways, I was glad that the rain stopped 10 minutes before we needed to check in for the show.

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Yes, it was working last week (Thursday for us). We were first at the tapstiles at 7:45. Saw ADR people entering the left tapstile starting at 7:45. They were able to go straight to sign up near Indiana Jones before eating. At around 8:30, they let the rest of us in to the park and had sign ups near Indy. No problem getting first show without the ADR if willing to show up early, but those w the ADR were in even better shape as they could sign up first and didn’t have to wait in sign up line or hang around at tapstiles.

A CM said they are not doing early sign ups while waiting outside the tapstiles anymore, which is something I read about earlier in the summer.

This was a worry for us. JTA was the priority, and at one point we had an 8:15 H&V that we dropped because it seemed easier to just be early and focus on JTA. I hope these replies put your mind at ease that you can sign up first, then eat, and not mess up your expensive meal!

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Thanks :slight_smile: hope it works :slight_smile: so nervous bout getting him a spot.

Glad it stopped. My luck it will rain.

Sounds like you had a great day!! Awesome!