Hollywood and Vine and Jedi Training Academy

Would an 8:10 ADR at Hollywood and Vine help or hinder signing up for JTA? Not sure how long bfast will take there, or if we will get out before/equal to/later than folks at RD?

Doesn’t affect it in anyway. You would probably miss some characters if you wanted to get out in time . Its very expensive meal to rush and you would need to keep an look out for guests being allowed in then join them at the internal queues. Don’t know what times they have been letting guests in recently but last year it was between 15-25 minutes before park open There were reports of pre rd adrs being held at H&V until rd guests were in park… Personally I wouldn’t do it. I would just do rd.

We did this last fall. Arrive early for your ADR. We had a 8:25 but were seated at 8 am. My husband and son ate quickly and saw a few characters then headed out for Jedi Acadamy sign ups. While waiting to be seated we talked to the CMs holding the rope leading to that area and asked when to head that direction. They knew how early guests would be let in that day. My daughters and I stayed at breakfast and saw the rest of the characters and paid the bill. My two year loved breakfast and my son got to see Jake and one other before he left. They were done with sign ups by the time we left breakfast and had retrieved the stroller. I am not sure if it would work so well if you party can’t or won’t be able to split up but for us it worked great.

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I would only do that if I had multiple grown-ups and one kid who wanted to stay and one who wanted Jedi. I thought about doing it w/just me and 2 kids for next trip, and it sounds too damn stressful. We’ll do Jedi sign-up at RD for DS7, and I made a lunch res there for 11:15 for DS5.

I don’t know when you’re going to be there, but I have an 8am ADR at H&V on February 3 and will be trying for JTA immediately after. My thought is I prefer a big breakfast and my kids won’t care much for the characters, but we have the dining plan and it will get us through bag check and have us sitting and eating while we wait rather than standing in a line outside for an hour. I will report back on how it goes if this is before your trip.

Thanks! Yes, I would love your feedback; we are going in April.

Yes, please report back!

This morning, the pre-RD ADR was gold for us! We were actually able to do JTA sign up BEFORE breakfast. We walked in at 7:50 and were signed up by 8:00 and able to relax and eat breakfast. Absolutely perfect!


Wow! That sounds like a great morning. I still have our 8:10 reservation for our April trip, so we just might use it!

Andrea, would you also report back if that works for you, if you are also able to sign kids up for this before your breakfast ADR? I just made a pre-RD ADR for our Hollywood day, in hopes this is always the case these days?!

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@rebeecky thanks for following up with your experience. I have an 8am ADR @ H&V on 3/21, for the sole purpose of signing up for JTA. Right now, I plan on using it, but I just feel that Disney is going to switch up the park hours between now and March and open HS @ 8am on the day we go…and ruin my plan :frowning:

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@rebeecky btw, was the food good at H&V? Was the Jedi experience worth using table service credits for a breakfast?

Food was standard breakfast buffet. I love breakfast and am not a picky eater, so it was fine for me. Kids liked it as well. For me, the ease of the JTA sign up made it worth it regardless!

I am now leaning toward not using the H&V ADR; I think we are just going to get there super early for RD and do H&V for lunch instead.

Hi, @beckeysteve. Just wanted to see how the pre-RD breakfast at H&V worked with your Jedi sign-up. We have 8:00 resv on 4/16 and I’m wondering if you were able to sign-up before beakfast.

Was wondering whether you were successful signing up before breakfast?

We were at HS 3/19, no pre-RD ADR. We arrived at the tapstiles ~8:15 (9am opening) and they had someone with a sign for Jedi training sign ups just outside (in the left side). We were able to go right in and head right to the line (wasn’t bad at that point). I had my 2 DDs signed up by ~8:30 for the 9:40 show - I think we still could have gotten any show we wanted at that point (I chose early because of the threat of rain later in the day). We saw many more people coming in later and the line got much longer than what we’d found. The rest of our group went to wait for Star Tours after sign ups and rode twice before 9:30 (though I saw other people who had signed up head in other directions). We just didn’t want to stray too far due to our 9:10 return time.

Hope this helps. Based on our experience, we didn’t need the pre-RD ADR - we just got there early.


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Thank you, just double checking you had signed up by 8:30am?

It was close to 8:30 am - I know we had been done for at least 5-10 minutes before they let us go toward star tours, and that was ~8:45.

Thank you, it does make me wonder whether arriving early is a better bet than an 8am ADR.