Holly Jolly Trip Report (11/29-12/5)

We’ll friends, we made it. I underestimated how stressful it would be to get three kids (6, 7, & 9) who have never flown before, thru the airport with carry on luggage :crazy_face: we are all nestled snug in our beds now and looking forward to BG bright and early, followed by A&C, droid depot, and Sanaa. Staying at Jambo until 12/1, then GF till 12/5. Thanks for following along!


Yay! Sending you all kinds of good mojo for that BG in the morning!

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Thank you!!! I’m too excited to sleep lol.

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Have a great trip!!! Can’t wait to follow along!

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BG 8 from Airport Hyatt Place on AT&T 5G!!!

I have spoken.


Good work!!!

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Wow! Amazing! Have fun today and thank you for sharing your trip with us.

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YAY!! I’m excited to follow along! Side note, if you want some fruit with your breakfast, we were very pleased with the kids fruit plate at A&C. For only $1.50 more, It was 10x better than their “side of fruit.”

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What’s the difference between these two options?

All that practice paid off!!!


So I’ll preface this with saying we didn’t dine in to A&C, we just did their carry out, but the options are the same on the menu.

The side of seasonal fruit was pre-cut pineapple and under-ripe berries in a small cup. Everything tasted the same, like they’d been hanging out together for a while.

The kids plate was a nicely laid out array of ripe fruit, quite a bit more fruit, and more of a variety of fruit, that actually looked like it had been cut fresh- particularly the pineapple. There was also kiwi in the kids plate and not the side, which I am a particular fan of, but some are not.

The side of fruit we got in the to go order looked suspiciously like the fruit cup they sell in the Market at A&C but without the label with the ingredients and cost ($4.99) on it, and the same thing in the restaurant cost $5.50.

But all that to say, I’ll admit it may just be a difference in their “to go” menu vs their dine-in menu. I also just looked and noticed that the prices are cheaper on their dine-in menu. It’s $5 for the fruit side and $7 for the kids plate. As opposed to $5.50 and $7.00 on the to-go menu.

And of course with the kid’s plate, you can choose sides with that, but even without the sides, I would’ve paid extra for the fruit alone.

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Blueberry bacon pancakes were :100:

Easy walk over to DHS

About 8th in line. About 100 ppl here at 8:45 am. Skyliner is entertaining kids.


Enjoy your day!

This trash bag is a speaker lol


Yay!!! I’m so happy you made it!!!

What are we RDing?!

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Love DSs pandas! My DH loved them soo much he had amassed almost 25 by 16 (still has 2 at 22!) His bedroom growing up looked like a panda sanctuary with 9 large pandas on the walls, trees, bamboo and rivers (my DM is very talented).

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Wait… do I understand correctly? Like, instead of a speaker hidden in a rock, it’s a speaker hidden in a trash bag?


Yes!!! It was crazy and so non Disney lol.

Great morning! MFSR xs2 and TSMM and ASS before open. In line for TSMM again while hoping they start RoR groups soon.

Side note: mask sweat is no joke :crazy_face:


MF bc we are huge Star Wars fans. Will RD MMRR Tuesday!