Holidays Reservations

I am trying to make 180 days in advance reservations for Holidays 2015. Even if I’ve called each morning, I wasn’t able to book Cinderella Royal Table.

It’s the same think with Fantasmic package and Hollywood and Vine at Hollywood Studios for December 28. Looks like the dates are not yet released. What’s the best way not to miss my chance to get those reservations? Look on the website each day?

Thank you in advance!

Yep - pretty much that. Sometimes people will announce here or in Chat when the time period they were waiting for opened up, but your best bet is to keep checking yourself. Also, sometimes a CM might know when they will be opening up, so occasionally phoning and speaking to a live person (as opposed to using the app/website) can help.

That is the busiest time of the year. There is a decent chance that those days already did open up and were booked instantly. 180 days out for December 28th was July 01. Remember, those staying on-site had earlier access to those dates via 180+10. What led you to believe that those dates were not released yet? Unless a CM told you this, I would keep checking and hope for a cancellation.

A cast member told me the dates were not available in their system after December 18 in the reservation system.