Holidays Around the World Storytellers

We have some of the Storytellers in our December Epcot plans. We’ve never seen it, and I don’t want to watch too much on YouTube to ruin it for me! Our touring plan has us getting there about 15 minutes early each time. Is that enough (or too much)? From what I read this is done outside – is there anywhere to sit? Probably going to try to see 3 of them.

Unless you want to be right in the very front of it all, about 10 minutes early has been fine for us for all of them, especially earlier in the day. There really isn’t anywhere to sit for most of them – but sitting on the ground is perfectly acceptable. They are all wonderful to see. Every time we’ve been able to see them, we’ve enjoyed them.


Thanks @mascardofamily! Kids just might need to pop a squat to watch since they get tired walking around Epcot. Does sound pretty neat. So looking forward to this trip – Disney & Christmas together, I’ll be in heaven!

We went in Dec 13 and saw all of them over a couple different days. We were always able to walk up right as they started and could see fine. I think only 1 or 2 countries had actual seats and the rest you just stood or sat on the ground.

Hi @ThreeBuddies. Depends on when you are going. The reply from a Dec 13th visit is correct- park crowd levels are 2-4. I have been there several times during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and during an early-in-the-month visit you can walk onto pretty much anything and see anything throughout the day without hoards of people around you with just a few exceptions. Once you get to the 19th-20th (for this year- but generally the weekend before Christmas) things change and all the parks are at a 8-10 crowd level through New Year’s. A couple of days after Christmas it is just insane. You will have to be there early in the day if you want to be closer, or do anything meaningful. I would suggest the first or second presentation during this time period if it is something you really want to be immersed in. If you do one of the first presentations- 15 minutes is plenty of leeway. The crowds to see these presentations aren’t huge- but close to Christmas- or after Christmas- droves of people will just stop once they start because it is something do and is a break from shuffling through the crowds. We are headed there on the 14th through the 23rd this time (my 27th visit), and all of our ‘must sees’ will be done before that weekend starts on the 19th. After that it will be just soaking in the ambience with no real plans.

Thanks @rchenier & @Happy_2_B – but our trip was last December! Don’t know how this popped up again. We got to see some of her storytellers without really getting there early (trip was 12/12/14 - 12/17/14). Hope to go back some day to see more of them!