Holiday Wishes Viewing Outside Mk

Our last day in Disney happens to fall on a MVMCP day in the Magic Kingdom. I don’t have the extra $300 to drop to attend and honestly, we will probably be a little worn out by then anyway. Does anyone have any recommendations of when and where would be a good dinner reservation to have a relaxing view of the Christmas fireworks on Dec 15? Do they occur later than normal nighttime shows?

Years ago we were staying at the Poly in November when they were doing the testing of the fireworks for the MVMCP - we received notices that they were sorry for the inconvenience the noise might cause. We loved it because we were able to see them right from the beach 2x on our trip. That was well before those bungalows were there though.
We plan to watch HEA one night from the Poly after drinks at TS. I’m hoping the fireworks portion still has good visibility!

The only dinner reservations I can think of that will have an actual view of the fireworks will cost you almost the same as the party, actually… California Grill is spendy, but the food is excellent and you’re allowed to watch the fireworks view from the deck outside the restaurant (which is at the top of Contemporary)

You could grab a bite at the QS location in the Contemporary and watch from the outside area near the docks… you can see the fireworks pretty well in the gap between Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower. You could probably even take your food to go and eat while you watch, if you want to eat that late. The fireworks are at 10:00 on party nights.

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CG is the definitive answer. There is also a nice view from the deck at Narcoossee’s.



Beautiful! 6 months needs to hurry up!! Thank you so much for the feedback guys. Still waiting on my husband to decide which menu he prefers but that photo from Narcoossee’s may overrule him…

We’re planning to watch from Narcoosees on our final night.