Holiday Time Park Reservations

Hi All,
How do you know which park to reserve if the hours for the specific days you are visiting have not been posted yet?
We will be visiting after Christmas and I have not bought tickets yet because I don’t know which parks to visit on which days. We will be staying at the Dolphin and want to take full advantage of early/late entry.
I “chatted” with Disney and they said to buy tickets, make a good guess, and then I can change the park reservation once hours are posted. I am just worried about that time of year and park reservations filling up.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Thank You!

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What are your dates? If you don’t have parkhoppers and you will be there I would book Epcot on Monday and MK on Wednesday and then spread out my other park days depending on how many days you have.

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Our dates are Dec 28th-Jan 2.

You will be leaving on Monday? I would definitely grabbed MK for the 28th if you think you will want to do the deluxe extra hours.

Agree. MK has been the first to deplete many times. Both DHS & MK are the first to deplete.

But NOT buying tickets and getting APRs now means everything could fill up and leaving you with nothing.

Are you saying that BECAUSE of your concern you are thinking maybe not going then, and picking other dates? If not, then I definitely would get ANY APRs now as best you can and then change them later if you want to and can…but at least then you are locked into SOMETHING.

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So many people could not buy multiple day tickets last year because parks were not available to book.