Holiday schedule for Pirates and Pals and Family Magic?

I’m visiting WDW after MVMCP and trying to set up Pirates and Pals Cruise and the Family Magic tour. As of today, they are both only scheduled through mid December. Two questions:
–Are they usually scheduled over the holidays? (An earlier call to WDW said yes, but still wondering))
–If so, any estimates when the dates will be released?

I’ll keep calling, but any tips are appreciated!

I called WDW yesterday with the same question about Pirates and Pals and was told no. We want to schedule the cruise during the Christmas holiday period and the lady informed me that it wouldn’t be sailing at that time. At the time of the call I wasn’t convinced that she was correct, and now I’m even more skeptical. Does this type of activity fall into the 180 day window like ADRs?

Okay so it’s not just me. When I looked a week or so ago it was on the official calendar for late December. They said 180 days out but maybe there is just a delay? I’ll let you know if I find out anything.

Are you within your 180 day window? I’m not and was hoping that as soon as my window opened I’d be able to book it.

Yep, I’m in the 180 window. I was able to book a different tour for a later day in the trip, too.

I called today about Pirates and Pals for Dec. 29th and was told that the schedule for after December 19th hasn’t been set yet. This time I wasn’t told that it wouldn’t be sailing, just that it wasn’t scheduled yet. I’m going to call several times per week to see if it opens up. I’ll let you know.

Anyone know why the schedule after August says 6pm rather than 8pm? Is that a mis-print/glitch, or is the cruise being extended by a couple of hours? Wishes is at 10pm both before & after the switch to 6pm. I’m thinking it’s an input error.

Follow-up, I just called, but got a non-response, really.
First the CM said it was because the fireworks are probably earlier.
When I pointed out that they’re not & scheduled for 10pm the whole week,
she responded that the standard operating procedure is that we’re supposed
to call 2 weeks prior to confirm the time of the cruise & fireworks (which is
what the instructions say, to be fair.)

So that’s a non-response, though I’m guessing it’s a glitch, not a change/extension
of the cruise itinerary.

Got it! I booked mine this morning. They are booking through 29 December now.

Thank you! I just called and got ours, too. I tried to request an odd numbered row (rumor has it that viewing is better from the odd numbered rows, but I don’t know if that’s true or not) and the agent told me that she couldn’t assign the seating. I guess when I call to check the schedule 2 weeks before sailing I’ll ask again.

My TA called yesterday & couldn’t book Dec 19. Which is weird if one day is closed and the rest of Dec is open. We do have the 18th booked as a backup though.

I’ve also heard about odd numbered rows. Wondering how & when to request that?

Thank you to both of you, I’ve called every day since the beggining of the 180 days in advance and was told that the dates won’t be released also. I was able to have a reservation for December 24! For your other question, I was told to ask at boarding time as they are not reserving seats. Hope this help!

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