Holiday Park Reservations Starting to Go

Thanksgiving and Xmas week park rez are starting to go.

11/21 no MK/HS
11/22 no HS
12/25 no MK
12/31 no MK/Epcot

Too bad as we were hoping to be in MK NYE, last year they were open til 1AM. I’ll try to set up a reservation alert on thrilldata and maybe we can get one.

Edit: reason for posting this is if you’re planning to go during this period and don’t yet have your rez, it’s time to get (or make final modifications to) them.


Looking at this, I see HS has no availability on Tuesday 11/8. Should I change my days around since we plan to be at HS for rope drop? Touring Plans is predicting a 6 this day.

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Holiday hours have been posted in the MDE app.

On NYE, DHS, MK, & Epcot are all open til midnight. That’s a change from last year when only MK was open late.


The short answer is not necessarily.

The slightly longer answer is that being sold out of park reservations doesn’t mean it’s a CL10. The amount of APRs varies according to several factors such as staffing.


100% this.

Example: MK is the only park sold out for tomorrow, and the only park sold out for the rest of the week. What is going on that’s special and drawing massive crowds to MK tomorrow? Nothing. It’s something to do with that park ops for tomorrow (and likely staffing is a big piece of this).


MK is now slated to stay open to 1AM on Dec 30 & 31 - same as last year after all.

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Suspiciously still all green for NYD and 1st week of Jan. I’m starting to suspect APR will be scrapped in 2023.


Good. I just bought tickets and I don’t feel like thinking about where to make reservations.

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This pattern has had me suspecting the same

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