Holiday Overlays on Rides at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - What time will that start?

Hey everyone. We are going to a MVMCP and we are super excited that a few rides are getting some Christmas overlays for the party such as Space Mtn, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Tea Cups, Tomorrowland Speedway. We feel like we are having to fit alot into a short amount of time at the party. We are only planning on doing all the special holiday shows/dance parties and only doing the rides that have a special holiday overlay for the party. I have read that Jungle Cruise is Jingle Cruise for the entire holiday season…not just the party, is this correct? I know that even though the party starts at 7pm, you can get into the park at 4pm and regular park goers park hours ends at 6pm…my question is, at what time will MK start the special holiday overlays for the rides? We are planning on getting into the park early but I would love to start the special holiday overlay rides at 6pm if for example, Space Mountain will have their holiday lights and Christmas music playing or if Monsters Inc Laugh Floor will be doing their special holiday show at that time. OR will the holiday overlays not start until 7pm? We want to do our first show at 7:45pm but would like to have completed Space Mtn (with rider swap as our little one is too small), Tomorrowland Speedway, and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. If the holiday overlays don’t start until 7pm then that is next to impossible haha. We will probably plan on leaving the park after the fireworks show at 10pm as we have a young one with us.

We also thought about going to a second party so we don’t feel so pushed to do everything we want to do.

Thanks for any insight into this :slight_smile:

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The overlays do not start until 7pm. This gives the CMs an hour to make sure all the non-party guests have left.

This is correct

There really is sooo much to see & do at MVMCP that it’s really hard, maybe improbable, to do it all in one night. You have to decide what your prioritizes are - rides / parades & shows / unique character meetings / shopping & snacks

So much to do, so little time!


The party is awesome. You will have a blast!

We went to one in 2016. We are going back to one this year on November 22. The way I see it, there are two different ways to approach the party. One is to see/do the stuff that is Party-centric. This will include watching the shows on Main Street with the fireworks and the parades. It could also include meet and greets. There are some rare meet and greets that you won’t find anywhere else, like Jack Skellington and also the 7 dwarves.

The other way I see to do it is to make it a more ride-centric party. When we went before, we only did party stuff, but this time we will do a lot more of the attractions.

I can confirm Jungle Cruise is Jingle Cruise throughout all of the holiday season. As a matter of fact, that was the first ride my kids ever went on.

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