Holiday Must See

We will have 8 nights the week after Thanksgiving. I’m curious to know what you consider to be the must do Holiday experiences in and around the World? Is it worth it to you to seek out a dining package for Candlelight processional? Will the campground have decorations up? We will range in age from 7-78. Thanks!

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A monorail loop to see the decorations plus a trip to Wilderness Lodge via boat would be high up there. The Gingerbread house at the GF is fairly epic and the gingerbread display at the Contemporary was impressive as well. The GF and WL both offer giant trees in the atrium. The Poly has a unique feel as well. If this is your only time you’ll likely be there for Xmas, I’d also try to get over to AKL to see the tree there…

We did CP once - we wouldn’t bother again, but YMMV…

I agree with the previous post about the other gingerbread displays. The Gingerbread Carousel at Beach Club is amazing. I really enjoyed the Candlelight Processional and would do it again if there. It depends on your personal feelings about it. If your not into the religious aspect of Christmas, it’s probably not going to be your thing. If you are, then you will probably enjoy it. Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood & Vine in HS is fun. You get to see the fab 5 in their holiday attire including Goofy Santa. The food is typical buffet food. HS at night is fun. The decorations are very 1950’s kitschy, “blow mold” plastic fun. They make it “snow” on Sunset Blvd. in front of Tower of Terror and that’s pretty cool. The projection show on ToT is fun to watch.

If the Holidays around the World are on in Epcot, those are fun to do. The schedule makes it impossible to see them all in one day. I saw Norway, Italy (my favourite), France and the singers in the US Pavillion.

Beach Club was my favourite. The carousel and the tree. Each resort has it’s own themed tree. WL and AKL are just awesome in terms of size because of those lobbies.

I totally want to do H&V, but I don’t know if I can hNdle the price, as we are splurging on Hood De Doo Musical Review.

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I’ve been agonizing over whether or not to splurge on Hoop De Doo… I have to remind myself there is just no way that we can experience it all in one trip :slight_smile:

I would do HDDR over H&V in a heartbeat.

Unless you have Disney Jnr fans of the characters there, or you really want the PPO advantage of breakfast for Jedi Training.

I really found the buffet the worst of all of the ones we’ve done (over time).

Yeh but the seasonal one with Mickey and friends in Christmas outfits :heart_eyes: I have a dairy allergy so they always make me fresh eggs, Mickey waffle and I can eat bacon, so really every breakfast is the same for me. My kids eat a mickey waffle and bacon. And one is 12. High price to pay for that little amount of food. But did I mention Mickey and friends in Christmas outfits? :heart_eyes::joy:

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You can see them in Christmas outfits in the party parade!

Wait a minute though. You’re talking eggs and bacon … like breakfast? Breakfast at H&V is always Disney Jnr, not Mickey and friends.

I was, b/c my kids love Mickey waffles! Oh man, good to know. I would have freaked out if we got there and saw Disney junior characters! Lol For $240, I would have cried. Thank you!

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Lunch and dinner is Mickey and friends. We did dinner on Dec 30th.

Anyway, glad I saved you from that disaster! Oh, that would have been awful, I would have cried with you. :disappointed_relieved:

ETA just double checked and yes, only lunch and dinner is Mickey etc

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If you want to see the Candlelight Processional I would definitely suggest doing a package. It gets very busy and you will be sure to have a seat.

Also, Illuminations adds a special tag on at the end of the show with amazing fireworks set to Let There Be Peace on Earth. Goosebumps for sure!

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Was the Italy holidays around the world your favorite or just Italy in general? I’m trying to figure out which ones to go to. As you said, it is impossible to fit in them all!

Befanna, the Italian lady who tells the story was amazing. She had everyone enthralled.