Holiday Must See List

I am looking to make a list of all the decorations and special things we can only see or do during December. I know about the Osborne Lights. Are there attractions or places in the park that we must see? What resorts have the best decorations? Can we tour the resorts?

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GF has the giant gingerbread house and I think a holiday carousel. The Christmas tree goes up in MK after the parade taping. Each of the countries in WS have a special holiday presentation from their respective countries...

All of the Deluxe resorts are worth checking out.. and dont forget about AKL Jambo and Kidani! Boardwalk resorts are cool, Yacht Club last year had a choir that came out and sang in the lobby.

As mentioned, Holidays Around the World stories around World Showcase. Also, campgrounds are supposed to be cool to check-out. Missed that last year. Also as mentioned, Boardwalk Resorts, Swan/Dolphin (including a lighting displays in the causeway), GF, and CR have displays. Sure other resorts do too. Of course, the Candlelight Processional can't be missed. Special treats around property too. All parks have a cool Christmas tree. WDW has a decent listing of all the goings-on: not sure if that's out yet.

Many of the long-term campers at Ft Wilderness decorate. You can rent a carriage ride to look at. It was late so I rode one of the bus loops. Its like driving through a neighborhood.

Think golf carts can be rented too?

Yes, call their guest services. I remember talking to a family on the boat ride, many own
their carts and they are decorated as well.

I think a great resource for holiday planning is the Touring Plans ebook: Walt Disney World Holiday Season

All ears has videos. I also found a deluxe resort Christmas decoration touring plan online.

Like this?

What is a "long term camper"?

I know you said Osborne lights already but we really enjoyed getting there about an hr early and getting a spot to watch the "lighting" with goofy... Think it made it a little more special smile

Some people stay at FW for several months. I talked to a family from Southern Florida who came up on weekends.

These are all awesome ideas. I will look for the touring plan online. Where should we set up to see Goofy at the lighting ceremony?

It's about half way down the street, where they light up the huge tree. It's cute and in to see it start to snow... My ds4 freaked out smile they also pick a kid to help goofy! The little girl met to us got picked!