Holiday Inn Resort Orlando-Lake Buena Vista

Anyone ever stayed here?? We are staying at All Star Movies 10/10-10/17 but will be arriving a day early so I just made reservations here. Hoping it is close to the resort.

Can’t you extend All Star?

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The all stars appear to be rather booked up

Wow! No vacancy at All Star. Crazy. You can see candid reviews/pics of the Holiday Inn on Tripadvisor and I wouldn’t be shocked if TP had a review too. Best of luck!

FYI I just looked at 10/9 and found availability in all three All Stars in the Preferred category and Music also had Standard.

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I just called and added 10/9 as a late arrival to our stay. Thanks for the tip I would not have ever thought of it.

I did use my dates and so nothing, maybe Disney was doing that on purpose, maybe I should check from another computer and not logging in. I was trying to see if I could find a cheaper room. Aw well. The dates were 9/29-10/6

That time frame is during free dining maybe that is why nothing available

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