Holiday Dessert Party Reservations

Can these be made online or is it something you have to call for at your 180 mark?

They probably won’t be available at the 180 day mark. These are notoriously late to open for booking at any time of the year!

But once open you can book online. What you could do is start a thread here, “Holiday Desert Party Watch” and people can post as dates open up.

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Thanks! Will do!

It also depends on the party. Some open sooner than others.

I’m hoping to book the Frozen one for my September trip, but right now it is the only one not open then. I don’t know if it just hasn’t opened yet (biggest hope), if they aren’t doing them during Food & Wine (which seems weird since they still go on during the other festivals), or…my nightmare scenario that they are taking Illuminations away at the end of August. (That only enters in because I’ve heard rumblings from numerous sources that Illuminations’ days may be numbered.)

Just checked, and still nada. I’m holding onto both of my Bon Voyage Breakfast reservations until I know for sure because that will be my Epcot day.