Holiday 2015 Touring Plans

I’m new to this so please be kind if this question has been answered somewhere else…I am trying to plan my touring days 12/20- 12/25 and I am having trouble because I have heard that the parks stay open later…so my question is:
Is it to early to start planning (say it isn’t so) or do I just make a temporary plan and keep updating it as the date gets closer? Will the hours be update?
Thank you in advance for all of your help!

The hours will update so you’ll have to keep checking and tweaking your plans and updating them.

ETA: it’s NEVER too early to plan. :smile:

Thanks! That’s what I was hoping. I have to come back once i get to book my FP’s so I will enjoy coming back often!

Use the personalized Touring plans to help you figure out your FPP’s and timing. It’s a very cool tool!

I have a personalized plan and I see where they give the suggestions…thanks for all of your help!