Holding multiple reservations

I need some Liner advice. I have been trying to plan a trip with us and my adults sons and their SO/DW’s and my plans haven’t worked out. So I rented confirmed DVC stay for DBF, DGD11 and I. I also put my DS and DDIL that were committed to this trip on the rez so that they could get on property. Today I booked a CS room for them. Can they be booked at a DVC and CS? I would like for my DGD to be able to stay with us or them. I would also like for them to be able to Uber to our resort in the mornings so we can walk to the park. Anyone have any insight ! TIA

Honestly I think that’s going to cause some problems with their passes and access. Hopefully someone with experience can chime in.

Do you have any spare magic bands?
I have no idea how the dual reservations will work. But, if your DGD has a MB of yours and her parents have one also, they could just use those to get access.


That is sort of what I am thinking but instead of one of my MB I am wondering if I can just but them ones through the reservation and not associate these with their actual MDE account.