Holding area Hollywood Studios?

Anyone know or guess what the holding area will be when MMRR opens up? I know now the holding area for SDD starts right at entrance of Toy story land so I wonder what that’s going to do for the entire holding areas since it’s close together

Obviously there’s no way to know for sure, but I am assuming they’ll hold you in the “Center Stage” area for MMRR.

This will allow SW:GE RD crowds to go left at Echo Lake and TSL crowds to go right .

Trying to hold everyone on Hollywood Blvd would be tight. I’m sure even Ops will be figuring it out for the first week or two as Spring Break crowds begin to visit.

Thank you! We will me there on March 13 with two strollers and at rope drop. So I was curious which way to go.

You should have a decent idea of what to expect that week you are leaving. :smiley:

Lol! I hate planning the last minute! We shall see!