Hogwarts tour?

Is there a walk through tour of Hogwarts? I could not find.

If you’re staying on-property and you use Early Entry (or whatever it’s called) and head straight to Forbidden Journey, it will be a walk-on (because everyone else goes to Hagrid) and you can take a very leisurely stroll through the line, waving people to overtake you if you want to linger.


Is it the queue to forbidden journey or a separate tour?

It’s just the regular line. But — at least when I went in December during Early Entry — it’s basically empty and you can take your time and see everything. You don’t have to ride the ride when you get to the end of it.


Great! Thanks. I thought it was a separate thing. We sort of flew through the line with our express passes.

TheTM giving the tour woll answer any questions and allow you to do leisurely photos (when possible)

The queue is almost a magic walk through experience itself!

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There is a tour sometimes offered that goes through the Express queue and lets you stop and see various scenes. Ask a Team Member at the entrance to the ride if they are offering it at that time.

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