Hogwart's Express using another day on base ticket possible?

A 2 day base ticket has a 3rd day free, but we only have 2 days to spend in USF. A 2 day park to park ticket is $35-40 more (just to ride Hogwart’s Express? Crazy!) I was wondering if we could use that 3rd day to ride it? Sounds like not (what a rip!) Otherwise, do the tickets need to be used within 14 days of first use (like Disney) and do they have to be used by the same person (in other words, could we sell those tickets with 1 day left on them)?

Totally worth it though! So easy to hop between parks.

Nope, you must have a park hopper, not extra days on a base ticket. This is the same as Disney.

Yes they do.

Yes they must be used by the same person, tickets are not transferable. You cannot sell an extra day.

Try buying your tickets from Undercover Tourist- we have used them many times. They are cheaper as their prices include the tax, where both Universal and Disney add the tax to their price. Have a great time at Universal!

Tickets work exactly same as wdw. biometric finger print and as ^^^ must have park to park to hop.

Thanks for the info, I figured as much. I’m thinking we’ll skip Hogwart’s Express and make a short day of it when we go to IOA. Or . . . maybe if we leave IOA we could use the 3rd day to then go to US?


Nope, have to have a park hopper to go the same day.

Ok thanks again