Hitting Epcot four times... reasonable plan?

Hello, we’re (DH, DS5, me) going to WDW this November. My plan is to hit Epcot on four different days with different goals each day. Can you please take a peak and suggest any improvements? Do you think TSMM tack on is overkill? All feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

11/11 (Tuesday) - Goal: See Illuminations. [AK in the morning (use no FPPs). Nap. Take AoA bus. Enter main gate @ 5 PM.]

  1. FW: Nemo, Seas Main Tank, Crush. Soaring (w/FPPs with child swap)
  2. WS: Agent P – Mexico, Gran Fiesta Tour
  3. Dinner: La Hacienda (ADR for 7:45 PM) and Illuminations.
  4. Leave via main gate. Bus to AoA.

11/13 (Friday) - Goal: Get pizza… DH and DS loves pizza!!! Our rest day. [Take AoA bus to HS. Do TSMM (with FPP). Ship to Epcot, enter international gate @ 11:00 AM.]

  1. Lunch: Via Napoli (ADR for 11:30 AM). Use TS credits, take leftovers with us.
  2. WS: Agent P - Japan, Morocco, France. Italy and America will be visits.
  3. Leave via international gate. Back to AoA for nap before 1900 Park Fare (ADR for 5:10 PM)

11/16 (Monday) - Goal: Character meal. Our rest day. [Take AoA bus. Enter main gate @ 9:00 AM.]

  1. FW: SoaT
  2. Breakfast: Akershus (ADR for 10:35 AM).
  3. WS: Agent P – Norway, China, Germany, UK. Canada will be a visit. Take Friendship ship from Germany across lake.
  4. Leave via international gate. Might do TSMM (with FPP) if make it to HS by 3 PM. Bus to AoA.

11/19 (Thursday) - Goal: Pizza and redeem extra credits on snacks for trip home and beyond. [Drive. Park at Boardwalk. Enter international gate @ noon.]

  1. WS: Hit any countries we want to see again.
  2. Germany: Hit Karamell-Kuche to redeem credits.
  3. Lunch: Via Napoli (ADR for 2:30 PM). Out of TS credits, pay OOP. Order mezzo, take leftovers for trip home.
  4. France: Hit L’Glaces de Artisan and Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie to redeem credits.
  5. Leave via international gate. Head on home!

I’m trying to do something similar with our September/October trip. 10 days park admission, several of which will hit epcot. (+2 days for waterparks/downtown Disney.)

I’m not sure about the casual park hopping for TSMM. Especially if you don’t have a car there…it really takes a long time. Disney Transportation isn’t horrible, but until you’ve been there with a car, you might not realize how much time it uses up.

On two epcot days we’re doing what you’re doing on 11/11 - AK in the morning (For EMH), then a break at the hotel, and Epcot in the afternoon/evening. I think it will work well.

The boat isn’t too bad it really just depends on how long you have to wait before you can board.

I love Epcot so 4 days there is a good thing to me. My only advice is not to use TS credits for pizza. They take a TS credit from each person even though you’re sharing a pizza. At $30 I’d say pay for that and treat yourself to a 2 credit meal like a signature or HDDR on another night.

I was thinking we would each order an invidual pizza but different kinds. That way we can try out more than one. My understanding is that it might create a lot of leftovers but it’s a good thing if it is really as good as everyone says.

We do have a car but the 13th and 16th falls within the Food & Wine festival. I heard parking at the Boardwalk might be a problem and I thought using the main gate might wear us out. The HS and ship route seemed like the best alternative. Would the main gate be better?

Oooh. I didn’t realize the F&W festival stretched into November.

You want to skip dinner one of those nights, and “Snack around the world.” THe food & wine festival booths take snack credits…

Also, I’ve heard La Hacienda San Angel is a horrible alternative to simply going to San Angel Inn.

Yes, I’m thinking we might hit some booths along the way. Not too much but enough to make us waddle.

La Hacienda is for a great view of Illuminations without the hassle of uncertainty. But I read the food is good there but overpriced. Good thing we are one the DDP.