History of Len's Thesis/Touringplans.com


Someone recently linked to this episode of Jim/Len about FastPass history.


Can anyone tell me if Len has gone into story-type detail on a podcast or other medium about his early days…his thesis, creating touring plans, optimizing, challenges, wins, discussions with Disney…etc???

I’d love to just learn more about the inner workings and/or history.


He’s definitely talked about it in various podcasts and articles - some have slightly different details depending on the things they were discussing in each. (Len does a great job of explaining things, IMHO.)

Check out some of the links in this Google search.


Thanks and apologies for the “Let me google that for you.”


Ha! No apology necessary. :slight_smile:


I hope this helps. It is an article about it. Vaseline and Duct Tape. Remember that if you want to do what he did to try to figure it out.


Yes. I believe on the original WDW Today podcast