Historical Crowds pre-Covid

Wife wants to go to Disney World the last week of December 2023. With rumors that park pass reservations may not be necessary next year, how crowded is Disney at that time? I’m a former subscriber (still have a Universal subscripton), but let my Disney World subscription ran out after my trip this past July and can’t see the historical crowd calendar, so if someone could check the calendar for the last week of December 2019, I would appreciate it.

All parks, MK, EP, HS, AK

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A reminder of why I haven’t been to WDW during Christmas week since 2002. That looks rough.


I just experienced MK with a CL 8. I would never go back if I knew crowds were going to be that high…let alone a 10!


That bad? Even for a liner?

For us, crowd levels are determined by how hard it is to get around in the walkways, NOT by wait times. But TP bases CLs on wait times. We can tolerate having to wait for rides. But what we can’t tolerate is feeling like you are jumping into a raging river when you are just trying to get from one place to another. No easy opportunity to just stop and take things in. Every moment of moving around is like playing a game of chicken. Even with just my wife and I, we had to basically say, “This is where we’re going,” and hope we both end up there!

Having said that, for us it was mostly just the evenings that were awful. Rope dropping, you can get a lot done before the crowds pour in. Just temper your expectations a lot.

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:grimacing: :roll_eyes:

I hate crowds too. I’ve seen the photos lately and am a bit freaked out. And you went at sort of an off peak time between holidays. We won’t be doing nights though.