Historical Crowd Calendar

Looking at the Historical Crowd Calendar, I noticed that if you display a specific month (e.g. http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/crowd-calendar/month/january/2014), it shows the final predictions. When you drill down into a specific day (e.g. http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/crowd-calendar/date/2014-01-01), it shows the predictions and the actuals.

I guess that I think that it would be more useful to show the actuals at the month level, as that probably is what people are more interested in. The daily view could remain the same. Anyone else have any thoughts about this? @len?

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I completely agree with you. I never saw this view where you can look at a whole month. It’s really nice. however, the numbers on it would really only be helpful if they were the “actual” not “predicted” levels.

So the actuals, day by day, shown for an entire month? Like in regular crowd cal format?

http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/crowd-calendar/month/november/2014 if the numbers listed on this historical chart were the actuals rather than the predicted crowd levels…I think that’s what @brklinck was suggesting.

Yes, the same format would be fine, but with actuals instead of final predictions.

If you wanted to get really fancy, you could have predictions and actuals side-by-side along with the differences. Plus a detailed analysis. And a pony - everyone loves ponies. :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking.