Historical AP Discount dates

I just bought my husband another AP- we would like to do an on property resort stay this fall sometime between October and early December. What would you do in terms of booking a hotel and picking a time to go? Any place to look for historical information on when previous AP discounts were and what hotels were included? Is PO French Quarter usually excluded? How about Wilderness Lodge? Honestly, without a discount, I would probably just stay at Pop. We will then go next spring sometime before my son turns 3. I am able to get one comp 4 day pass per year so my ticket is covered. How do I plan for this unknown time framed trip!

Mousesavers has the most thorough compilation of Disney World discounts that I am aware of (included AP discounts): http://www.mousesavers.com/historical-information-on-walt-disney-world-resort-discounts/

I’ve been a passholder for a couple years now of have found some sort of passholder discount whenever I’ve wanted one. I haven’t been on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, or 4th of July, so it’s possible there are some dates blocked out, but the AP discounts seem to be available, even when booking on short notice. For advance purchases, rates are typically about 5% better than the best discount available to others. However, there are also times were folks can get as good or even a better rate with creative use of online travel sites (like those who’ve managed to "stack’ Orbitz discounts). I’m not an expert on doing so, but just wanted to note that the AP discounts are not always the best rates (though they often are and when they’re not they tend to be pretty close).