HISTK Playground -- would you do it as a solo parent?

Hi, Linerville! Looks like I will be outnumbered by my children on the next trip, me, DD7, and DS2.9 (who can be a runner.) I'm thinking of taking them into the HISTK playground for the first time, early morning, low crowd level, shouldn't be very full at all.
I am comfortable solo at the Boneyard playground at AK, esp'ly since the little ones can't escape with the CM posted at the exit.
That said, would you feel comfortable at HISTK solo too? I might let DD7 go crazy (which is her natural state) while I try to stick with DS2.9. Knowing my kids, I don't think all three of us sticking together in there is realistic.
I was thinking of getting whistles to wear around our necks -- just for this one moment, I promise!!! -- so that DD7 and I could find each other...
Your thoughts?

While I haven't been into it myself I believe it also only has one entrance and exit, though I don't recall if there was a CM Stationed at the entrance.

It does only have one entrance/exit. It is a pretty small and enclosed place. I think if you stick with the little one and trust DD7 to run around alone - you should be fine. I think we only stayed about 15-20 minutes before I was ready to get out of there (but it was hot). We let our DS5 run solo while keeping an eye on him and stayed with our little one. The slides/equipment are a tight fit for adults.

If you are comfortable taking them to a regular playground alone. I think you would be fine.

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There is a CM stationed at the exit to HISTK playground. I take DDs 3 & 5 solo but they tend to hang together. Just like Boneyard you'll see several parents camped out near the exit while kids blow off a bit of steam.


Awesome -- just what I needed to know. Thank you so much!! Wish my two hung together -- on a playground they're more like opposite magnets, or fireworks pointed in opposite directions -- bang, whoosh!! fireworks

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My kids love this playground and the chance to blow off steam, and I agree that you will be totally fine with those ages. It's much smaller than the Boneyard.

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I let my DD 3 and DD6 go alone in there last time and stood at the entrance. It is much smaller and more confined than boneyard, so it is hard to go where the little people go. Let them go Crazy!

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What is the HISTK?

Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie set playground smile

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Thanks! I've never heard of this. Ever. hanging head in shame sneaking back to piano

We've never stopped to do this, but it looks fun. (I just did a Google image search, and had a little chuckle at the pics of kids on the giant Kodacolor Film container slide, knowing that my kids (and probably most) have never seen a film roll in their lives and probably have no idea what that is!

It's super fun. The only area of concern is a set of tunnels/slides with randoms entrances in/out in the middle of the area. We were watching and still lost a 3-year-old there. For sensible 7-year-old, not a problem at all. As others have said, entrance/exit is well-policed by a CM. (I'm not sure if this is different since the refurb last fall.) I would certainly take my DSs 3&5 solo.

I completely concur with what others have said - should totally be doable! I think this was the trip highlight for my DS2.10 in May. We stayed almost an hour! I was exhausted at the end from darting around trying to keep him in my line of sight, while also making sure DS5 wasn't getting into trouble - but it was well worth it.

My biggest challenge was keeping him from peering into the bottom of slides, which is just never a great playground strategy... smile


Is there a playground in MK? How is it to let a 3.5 year old lose on Tom Sawyer Island?

dgs7 has been exploring hisk lightly supervised since he was 4. there is a small section set up for short fry. mornings are great because the place is not packed yet with larger, running children.. you will find some of tunnels a tight crawl unless you are very petite.bring a bottle of water with you. cm make you throw out lidded cups at entrance.

tom sawyer requires close supervision. there are several areas near water, multiple paths, a wiggly barrel bridge and some high steps. there are often 2 rafts operating, and no effort to monitor children coming or going. designed in an era before car seats and really not updated for modern parenting sensibilities.

HISTK playground would be fine for those ages. You could set up a meeting spot with your 7 year old in case he gets nervous without you. It gets hot so we usually try to go in the morning.

I agree that Tom Sawyer island would be quite dangerous for a 3 year old. It's large and surrounded by water with bridges and caves. It would be almost impossible to find your child again.

Single entrance/exit. Let them in, stand by the entrance/exit, let them have a ball!

Also, we went to it right in the a.m. while DH was riding RnR and it was fairly empty the whole time we were there.