Hiring Baby-Sitter for Disney Date Night?

We are staying at the Boardwalk Villas and would like to hire a baby-sitter for a night to stay with the kids while we go drink too much at the dueling piano bar. Has anyone ordered a baby-sitter through WDW? Or is there a private service? Need advice for this please!

Thank you so much!

I haven’t used it but I believe there is a Disney run kids club at the Beach Club resort where you can leave the kids to play, be entertained and fed while you get adult time. I’ve also seen a service called Fairy Godsitters mentioned.

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We are thinking about doing the Sandcastle Club for the first time next year so I’d love to hear about other’s experiences with it.

under normal circumstances I’d def do this but my kids are 2 and 4 so the little one is too young :frowning:

There is a list of in-room sitters almost at the bottom of the page here:
That’s probably a better option with your youngin’s. We had the same issue last time we were at WDW.

We used the fairy godmothers service once, I think our sitters name was Barbara (but this was a couple years back so she might not be there anymore). It worked great. Kids were 1.5, 3, and 8, IIRC. She brought toys, took them to the resort playground, fed them snack in the room, they had a grand time and wanted her to come back. They do background checks, and our lady at least was a school teacher by day, had first aide training etc. We loved getting a date night. Win-win.

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