Hire car security deposits

Is there anyone who has traveled to wdw from overseas and hired a car through europcar? I’m trying to figure out what the security deposit will be and can’t find anything helpful.

@profmatt - you recently had a thread about renting a car from the U.K. - can you help out here?

I used Alamo and booked on the UK website. No security deposit is required. The package comes with collision damage waiver as standard. Alamo gets very good reviews compared with some other car hire companies. The price is much lower the earlier you book. I had a change of plans and that resulted in a big jump in price as I was much nearer my departure date.

So usually in the US there isn’t a depot per sey. So the companies you can use are Alamo, Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Dollar, National, Budget

1- I HIGHLY suggest that you get FULL Liability as you are coming from the UK and if you are in an incident it will make things a lot less complicated
2 - Get a car with SUN PASS. So in FL (and elsewhere) there are toll roads. You can either pay with cash or you have this devise that automatically pays. If you don’t want a car with it - make sure you have PLENTY of cash (including coins) as there are several toll roads in the Orlando area and some don’t have people at them and you MUST have coins (not cash)
3 - Ensure you go with a company where the facility is AT THE AIRPORT - it makes it so much easier. Some have facilities NEAR the airport and you take a shuttle - they are a pain.


I would suggest Auto Europe as you have the option to skip the lines and go strait to the lot and pick up the car, Auto Europe give some very good rates and I believe the voucher says they will block £100 on the credit card when collecting the car.

As with the others, ensure you have CDW etc which if booking from the UK normally comes as standard and then reject the other bits they try to sell you like enhanced roadside recovery etc.

Cheers, Andy

Thanks for all the replies.

I am coming from Australia, so some of the options aren’t quite the same :slight_smile: The third party I booked through includes all of the various waivers and protections automatically for international visitors. My Travel insurance also pretty much covers it. I appreciate the suggestions to ensure the coverage is included though, I’m sure the costs of covering any problems out of pocket would be astronomical.

In case anyone else books through europcar in the future, the security deposit is $200 US.