Hipster Mickey

A couple years ago, my DS17 got himself a “Hipster Mickey”, which was a 9" little statue of, well, a hipster Mickey. You can google it to see what it looks like.

Anyhow, when we headed to Florida in February, we had hoped to find some additional Hipster Mickey paraphernalia (like a T-shirt or something) as a gift for him since he wasn’t there to be with us on the trip. At Disney Springs, at least, we couldn’t find anything.

Does anyone happen to know if Disney still sells Hipster Mickey stuff? If so, where can we find it?

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I just found this…


That vinylmation is awesomely cute!

Cool! See, that’s exactly the kind of thing we were looking for when we were down there in February.

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It may be an “online only” kinda thing. I’ve never seen it before in the stores or outlet.

I noticed in the fine print, that it is exclusive to online and “Wunderground Gallery” at Disneyland, so apparently that’s why we couldn’t find it at Disney Springs.

But it would make a great birthday present for my son, since Hipster Mickey is displayed prominently on this desk.

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