Hilton Properties Early Entry - how the heck does this work?

I’ll be staying at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista as part of a high school conference starting at the end of next week. Everything has been handled by the parent organization, so I don’t have reservation numbers or anything. How the heck do I link my hotel reservation to MDE? Is there another way we’ll have proof so we can access Early Entry? It looks like maybe a printed business card from the front desk?

Third trip this year and the first time ever that I’m staying offsite!

Just wondering the context of why you need proof. Parking?

Sorry - apparently I didn’t include it in the body - we’d like to use Early Entry at MK.

I believe that there is something they print out to give you access. Ask at the desk on check-in.

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People have asked this over in chat - you need to have your Hilton res and then use MDE chat to have them help you get your Hilton res onto your MDE account, I believe.