Hilton Bonnet Creek

We are staying for one night off Disney property before checking in to Wilderness Lodge next month. I was going to stay somewhere I could get a deal…was thinking about $100 for the night…but am so tempted to book Hilton Bonnet Creek for that first night, mostly because I hear that the pools and lazy river are awesome. I have 2 and 5 year old boys who love the water. The resort fees are super expensive, as is parking. Has anyone stayed there? Is it worth it? We would be arriving around 5pm and checking out by 10:30…with our time spent at the resort.
Thank you!!

Our friends stayed there with their 5 year old and loved it. They loved the pool and Lazy river and they stayed for 6 days. With that being said, for only a few hours in the evening time for swimming before bedtime with littles its hard to answer the “worth it” question. All I can say is they loved the hotel, thought it was beautiful, as well as enjoyed a few cocktails from the pool bar! :wink:

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I’ve stayed there twice but decided after this last time that I probably will not be going back. The parking and resort fees really add up, my room has always been a mile away on a high floor and it takes forever to get there, the lines at the front desk are always super long, and on the weekends the pool is very loud and very crowded, but it’s quieter and generally more enjoyable during the week.