Hilton Bonnet Creek questions

Does Garden Grocer deliver to the Hilton Bonnet Creek? Also would you suggest staying here without a car? I am trying to decide between doing that or staying at another Hilton that has free parking so I wouldn’t have to pay parking for both the hotel and parks. We will be staying on Hilton points so that’s why it would need to be a Hilton or Hilton partner.

@Maleficent123 - I’m not familiar with Hilton Bonnet Creek, but here’s the link for Garden Grocery. It sounds like they deliver almost anywhere in the WDW area. https://www.gardengrocer.com/stores/front They do have a live chat function, so you could easily ask them about Hilton Bonnet Creek specifically.

As for the car question, the Hilton Bonnet Creek website says they provide shuttle service to WDW. However, I’ve often read that off-site shuttles are less convenient than the WDW buses. I know the 2015 UG says that renting a car is a really good way to go for most off-property hotels. Hopefully someone else can chime in with personal experience.

I like the Hilton Bonnet Creek a lot, and I’d still have a car. And yes, Garden Grocer delivers there.

Alright awesome thanks so much!!