High School Marching Band Trip


It seems his mind is made up. He probably spoke with someone, and got all worried.

I tried my hardest. I told him everything is ready to go. Registration forms, timeline, due dates, payment schedule, trip flyer, you name it. Nope, I’m not a “professional”. :man_shrugging:


I mean, it’s weird to find people who hobby at being Disney/Universal planners….but come on, teach! There are literally dozens of us!


I feel so frustrated on your behalf. I don’t like this guy already. :joy:


Yeah well, so it goes. I’m good. I try to understand his POV. While he has band director experience, the marching directing is new. He’ll have a full plate and is just concerned because he has no experience with a FL school trip. I think mentally he feels more at ease with an agency because it’s what they do, you know.


Bummer. I mean, I consider all of us Liners “professionals”. But he may have been burned in the past by parents dropping the ball on him. I hope he at least doesn’t change the dates!


I wonder why he’d want to change the dates? Could he even do that? Wasn’t there some process to get approved with Universal and the dates were a part of that? I’d be wondering if the date change wasn’t to just Take Control of the trip.

Maybe you could mention the TP recommended TA’s as being much more knowledgeable about Universal and Disney? If he wants to use a TA, it would be nice if it were a Liner too.

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I gave him the pros of the January date. Not hot, not spring break busy, won’t interfere with spring sports/musical. He is worried about bad weather in PA impacting the flight. TBH, we only get a few bad storms here a winter.

There was a process yes. The former director and the band parent association officers worked as a team to pick the date, park, and number of days. The school board then approved it. I even got permission from the school admin to self plan. Universal actually needed to see the school board minutes with the trip approval before the performance approval.

I think he talked to the last director here that did a trip which was 4 years ago. Probably just use the same agency.

I think he does have the authority to make these decisions on his own. But we are really hoping that he gets input from the team. One of which is DW. We are currently unsure of when he will either pick a date or include the team in makings decisions.

I’m trying to be understanding at this point, but have thought of that.


Wanted to add. We have been talking with the marching band director from a neighbor district who has been assisting us to help build our program back up again. He has been self planning FL trips for over 20 years. He has been helping me too with any questions. But when he started out, he got a travel agent too. Once he went and saw it’s not that difficult to plan, he took over himself. So even if our new director allows self planning in the future, he probably wants to use an agency for his first trip because its all new to him.

There was always a chance this would happen. The previous director for the past 3 years was only hired annually for just marching band. The new guy is permanent and will be in charge of the whole program, including concert band.


New Universal confirmed trip date is Friday February 24th to Monday February 27th. So I should be able to go with. :smiley: Only 3 nights though.

It is confirmed that the music this year will be from The Greatest Showman. :+1: The new director has hired some more experienced staff, looking forward to the upcoming season. They may do a stage performance in CW besides the marching performance at USF.


OMG, love The Greatest Showman music. Hope you’re able to go, sounds like a fantastic time!


Me too!

DD12 has started taking percussion lessons through a local college, so all 4 of us should be able to go! Not sure if just one of us will be a chaperone for a group, or both. I may just attend as a family member. I would be able to still join DW with her group.

My work only started getting busy March 1st of this year, so I should be good. :+1:


Ladies and Gents, this it the moment we’ve been waiting for.


Sounds like it will be fun, even if altogether too short!

Back when I was in Marching band, our band did Disney each year, but I never could go because our family didn’t have the money to afford for any of us to go. So, I’m going to live vicariously through you on this one! :slight_smile:


DS15 played “Mario Medley” (yes, as in Super Mario) for his spring piano recital. If you want to listen, here is a link to it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gcww6Wy56jE1XKNr3cXMe6kzRUtBDR6_/view?usp=sharing