High School Marching Band Trip

After checking, the touring companies may also provide security at the hotel. And they hold the liability insurance for you too. So some things we’ll just have to get by ourselves.

Not sure if security is necessary. Maybe it’s to keep the kids from escaping the hotel room overnight!


I remember some horror stories from my band trips as a kid! As an example, one time some of the older kids tied a rope around the doorknob of the teacher’s motel room and fixed it to the balcony railing across from it so it couldn’t open. They then proceeded to play games in the parking lot very loudly after midnight.

(At least there was no booze.)

I’m sure with a smaller group and good chaperone coverage, your trip won’t run into that kind of stuff.

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If we don’t hire overnight security, maybe the chaperones should do “bed checks” once or twice. :thinking:


Also have adults at the end of hallways that force kids to walk by chaperone’s rooms


Good idea, thank you!

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To add to that… no ground floor rooms to force them to walk by adult rooms. On the ground floor they could just jump the hedges.

I have nooooo experience here at all. Nope :rofl:


Oh! Definitely interior entry rooms only, not exterior entry at Cabana Bay!


Some price comparison info if interested. It’s 5 nights at Cabana Bay, standard room. 4 day 2 park ticket. All taxes are included.

Touring Company

  • 4 meal vouchers
  • 5 hotel breakfasts
  • Lanyards
  • Tour escort staff w/ 24hr emerg. service
  • Liability Insurance
  • single $1,478 (chaperone)
  • double $963 (chaperone)
  • triple $791 (student)
  • quad $705 (student)


  • single $806 (chaperone)
  • double $488 (chaperone)
  • triple $382 (student)
  • quad $329 (student)
    These rates are based on rooms @$128/night (tax included) and the 4 day group tickets @$169ea. (We have a tax exempt #)

After deducting an estimated $160 in food from the Touring Company price, the savings per person by going direct are:

  • single $512 (chaperone)
  • double $315 (chaperone)
  • triple $249 (student)
  • quad $216 (student)

(Multiply those savings times 50 people!)

If we agree to use use a Touring Company, we would have to purchase our own liability insurance, rent a box truck for band equipment, and we would have no escort other than Universal’s own Team Members.

And then of course bus transportation, airfare, workshop, food, etc. are additional costs I have to estimate. Private security is an additional option too.

Here is the group ticket pricing sheet:

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I’m salivating over those ticket prices. I’d love to get those rates for my family. Does it have to be a youth program to get the 20-people rates? I’m not planning on 20 people any time soon (and I wouldn’t pay for it just to get the rates) but I’m curious if they do similar rates for touring groups / adults?

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The band does the STARS program, but other kinds of groups are accepted. Here is the page link.


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I think you’ll love Cabana Bay for this sort of trip. You really can’t beat cheap plus walking distance.

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I know, I’m excited!

Plus all the things at the resort to do. If it’s raining one day, hey let’s go bowling. And the arcade is there too.

Found out today that our band trip was approved by the school board, and we can self-plan. It will be in January 2023 on and around MLK Jr. weekend. 4 full days and 5 nights, probably at Cabana Bay. Up to 3 school days missed. There were a good number of middle schoolers showing interest in marching band lately, so maybe 40 kids next year. We shall see.

I’ve got a timeline drawn up from everything on the to-do list. Next up is getting hard quotes for the hotel, tickets, and airfare in February. Then I can get a Save-the-Date Flyer out with trip cost estimates and other information.

Why do I love planning so much :man_shrugging: :joy: