High School Band Watching Recommendations?

Our grand daughter’s school is marching at MK today before the 3pm parade. I was thinking of getting a LL position for the parade but hubby thinks we should watch them come out at Frontier Land and then head to the end of Main Street to watch them go back in. Any band parents have recommendations on a best approach? Thanks much!

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First off - enjoy this! Such a cool thing that the kids get to do.

When my daughters got to lead off the parade with their drill team I sat in Frontierland and watched them come out for a great view! I like the idea of bouncing back to Main Street to see again too. Wouldn’t think a LL would be necessary.

Funny story - we’re from Texas, lots of drill teams “field uniforms” have cowboy-style hats with them. Our team’s uniforms were particularly sequined as well. The little girls sitting next to us cried “Look mom! Sparkly cowgirls!” as the team went by.


This is probably too late for you but the place to be is on the sidewalk across from the right side of the hub:

(That is my brother, the band director!)


Fantastic photo!

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Here’s hoping this info helps another future band parent. :grinning: We did a hybrid of the suggestions. Hubby stood in Frontier Land, across from Splash, where they come out for the parade. He got great video! I did the LL and was front row of the LL reserved section in the very center front of the castle. I took photos of the band as they rounded the corner and then marched in front of the castle. Once they got out of the circle, I met my husband just as he reached Casey’s and we hot footed it from there down Main Street. Captured wonderful video again as they marched into the gates next to the Fire House. A super fun experience for the kids and for the family members watching!