Hidden Mickey

As I sit here at work, being utterly unproductive as I have 30 hrs before I fly home, I notice that my initials create a hidden Mickey! He’s calling me home!!!


Go to him!




Our upcoming trip in January will DH’s very first time at Disney World. He’s been waiting since he was 6, and we will be going on his 41st bday. I can’t know for sure, but I hope he absolutely falls in love with it so that some day, he tells me we need an emergency trip to WDW and we just go the next day. That’s the dream!

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YES!! Tomorrow starts mine and DBF’s first vacation together, and his first time at Disney. I hope hope hope he falls in love with it!!!

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That is awesome! He’s gonna love it! And what a fantastic first trip together!

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My family is going in January to celebrate my belated 40th birthday. We’re spending my last week of 40 there and leaving the day before 41! What’s DH’s actual day? Wonder if we’re “birthday twins” or if our trips will overlap?!

(My DH has been before (not since high school) and likes it… but doesn’t love it… I’m hoping experiencing it with DD4 and DS1 helps him see it in a new, magical light!)

Happy birthday! He will be 41 on January 25 :slight_smile: It will be the first day of the trip, so his first ever day at WDW. Hoping for some birthday button luck for him. I hope you have an awesome birthday trip!!