Hidden Mickey :)

OK this is not relevant to anything but I figured if anyone would appreciate the hidden Mickey I see at the top right corner of my TP page, you guys would. :slight_smile:


I have to wonder if this was intentional in the development of the forum! Also I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before!


You are right and I never noticed that!


Love it!!!

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I’ve never seen any numbers next to my profile pic at all, and I am sure I would have noticed, as I tend to see hidden Mickey’s everywhere. Maybe it depends on what browser is being used. It looks like you’re on Safari. Is that right? (I typically use Google Chrome and Firefox.)

LOL, I see hidden Mickey’s in everyday life all the time too! :slight_smile:
I happened to have post notifications as well as a message notification at the same time which is why the two "ears’ were there.
You’re right, I was on Safari at that time, I go between that and Chrome.

I am replying too to see if it gives you a number! The blue number should be a notification that someone “liked” you post, replied to a post you are following , or replied to you. The green number should be a message from another liner. I will send you one of those too!

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It worked!! That is so strange that I had never seen that before. Thanks for replying so I could check it, @PrincipalTinker.


Are we the cheap thrills club or what…
:smiley::smiley: :smiley: