Hidden Mickey App - Yes or No?

Has anyone used the Hidden Mickey app on iPhone?

The reviews are kind of iffy so I don’t want to pay $8 if it’s a waste of time. The description sounds fun, like you can score yourself (and maybe have everyone in your party score as well) but I can’t really see or get much more detailed info than that.

Appreciate any thoughts!


We have used the Hidden Mickey app on our phones and it can be fun, but also frustrating, as it only gives descriptions of what you are looking for and not pictures. I don’t remember paying $8 for it though. It keeps track of what you have found and gives you points based on how many hints you needed to find it.

We actually like the book better. Then new edition has pictures for some of them, so we get more use out of it both at the Park and at home.

I also just realized that you are asking about WDW. We used the DL version, but they should be similar.

Thanks for the info. It’s $7.99 in the app store. From the screenshots they showed, I can understand your frustration and that’s why I was asking. Kinda hoping if I actually had the app it would be better than what the screenshot showed. But sounds like that’s a “no.”