Hi there everyone!


Just figured I'd say "hiya pals!" over here too! Introduced myself on chat today and I'm so glad I did. Total disney freak here. Love this community already. I've been a longtime off and on lurker. ❤️



Have fun over here. Lots of information that's searchable.

The social area over here is LaCava.

There are two daily threads: one "clean" (pretty much G-rated) and one "open" (kinda pg-13-ish and tends to test the boundaries).

Hope to see you around.


Welcome to the dark side! Check out the La Cava section and feel free to participate in the Daily Open Threads (there's a Clean thread, and a much more "Filthy" thread haha)


Dammit you beat me by 10 seconds!!


I had a reply.. but I'll save it for the open thread someday stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye




Welcome to the forum. I love your username!


Yay! Thanks for the warm welcome. Think I'll have an avocado marg in La Cava! Thanks for the invite!


Greetings! Glad you stopped by.

Tons o info here, searchable, and so many knowledgeable people hanging around smile


Hi Adele! Really liked you in If/Then


Welcome! It is always nice to meet another Disney freak ( imagine, some people think that is not a compliment)!


Welcome! Always nice to have new faces here. Feel free to chime in whenever you have something to say, even if you think it's been said before -- that's what makes this place work so well.