Hi forum

Hello peeps countdown 17 days


Hi Niter! Are you going to stay overnight? 17 days is soon!

Hi niter! 11 for me. No dancing on the Luau stage for us this trip :frowning:

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30 for my trip with my sis to celebrate her 40th! Cannot wait til Mnsshp and F&W!

I love seeing Niter on the forum! :grinning: Congrats on the countdown.

Hi Niter!!

Hey Niter!!! 49 days for me, maybe if I am really lucky and say I believe in Niter and clap my hands, he will appear while I am in Disney!!

I know you will enjoy your stay and I look forward to all your pictures!!

I am staying 2 nights por royal room i am super super excited…going to be joining up with magicmn and her son…and we are going to a halloween party…squeee!!! Ps i have not left main chat


Always fun to hang with friends


Sounds like you will have a great trip!

Hi @niter!! awesome countdown and nice to see you here in the forum! ! I"ll be there in 30! cannot wait!!

It’s okay Niter, a lot of us are on both Main chat and here. Good to see you here!!!

Hello @niter!